Mobile phone connectivity for private jets

Your Phone. Your Number. No Extra App.

Staying connected while you’re flying just got easier with your mobile phone and TrueNorth Simphonē Mobile GSM. 

Simphonē Mobile GSM is business aviation’s first and only GSM system specifically geared to long-range business jets. It lets passengers and crew talk, and text inflight, with their own phones. No extra apps required. No need to register with a special service.

Board. Talk. Text. With True GSM.

Now there’s no need to worry that you’ll miss something critical when you have to fly. It's just like in your office, at home or on the go. And folks on the ground can reach you in the air with your usual number. 

Simphonē Mobile GSM is specially built for the way private jet operators conduct business.


  • True GSM.
  • Your Phone. Your Number. No Extra App.
  • Compatible with all quad-band GSM 1800 phones.
  • Make a call and use data at the same time.

Select Specifications

  • Integrated GSM radio and a network control unit. 
  • Wi-Fi, Data, VoIP routing in single integrated line replaceable unit.
  • Works with current communications links: L-band, Ku- or Ka-band or air to ground.
  • Roam with more than 300 international service providers, and standard GSM services including voice and text.
  • Built-in support for Wi-Fi enabled smartphones for Internet access and email.
  • Part of the TrueNorth Simphonē family, so it’s modular, scalable and future-ready.

For more technical specifications, contact your friendly TrueNorth Account Manager