The Simphonē analog interface unit (AIU) enables operators of Gulfstream III/IV, Falcon 900 and other such aircraft to extend the useful life of their legacy Satcom systems and cabin paging systems.

The only available update option for such older Satcom systems as the Honeywell MCS-3000, the Simphonē AIU connects existing Satcom systems to state-of-the-art all-digital telephones like the Simphonē airborne telecommunications system. This allows operators to manage all communications through their easy-to-use Simphonē handsets.

Select Specifications

  • Dimensions: 4.13 x 3.64 x 1.30 in. (10.49 x 9.25 x 3.30 cm)
  • Mounting: Flange mount
  • Weight: 1.6 lb. (0.73 Kg)
  • Power: 3.6W (0.13A @28V)
  • Cooling: Not required
  • Operating Temperature Range: -15 C to +55 C
  • Maximum Altitude: 15,000 Feet
  • Environmental Qualification: RTCA DO-160E
  • Interfaces to Simphonē Chorus, Duo and Solo, also supports cabin paging systems
  • Connector: One male 25-pin D-sub connector
  • Warranty: 1 year