TrueNorth recognizes that being able to bring your life on the ground with you while you fly is a must have, which is why our networking and Wi-Fi solutions are built to make you more productive inflight. Need inflight office? Want to improve your onboard network performance? Need to manage incoming and outgoing calls, send and receive Faxes, or get the most out of your legacy system? TrueNorth’s systems are a great choice.

Simphone- Fax Adapter Unit
Simphonē Fax Adapter Unit
The Simphonē fax adapter unit (FAU) is a simple, reliable airborne faxing solution that lets operators send and receive faxes worldwide without third-party equipment or software.
Simphone- Analog Interface Unit
Simphonē Analog Interface Unit
The Simphonē analog interface unit (AIU) enables operators of Gulfstream III/IV, Falcon 900 and other such aircraft to extend the useful life of their legacy Satcom systems and cabin paging systems.