Why should you select a TrueNorth system? Airborne connectivity is what we do. We understand why you fly, and recognize that your business jet is more than a means of transportation. Our aim is to ensure that your life on the ground is easily transposed to your life inflight, with seamless connectivity from office or home to sky.

We believe that staying connected while inflight isn't a nice to have, it's a requirement for business jet owners and operators around the globe. Staying connected to what matters most means you are more productive and effective, whether it's building your business or relaxing with your family and friends.

We've built our solutions with owners, operators and installers in mind. We make them rugged and reliable, easy to install and use, and we also make them stylish, so you don't have to compromise functionality for beauty.

TrueNorth understands that working with a qualified, certified organization is important, especially when dealing with aircraft. We are:

  • An AS9100 Rev C certified organization
  • A Transport Canada Approved Organization for the manufacture and certification of aeronautical products
  • A Transport Canada Approved Maintenance Organization
  • An EASA Approved Part 145 Organization

What this means for you is that we take quality and reliability seriously, and we've got the processes and certifications to back that up. Producing systems that work the way you expect them is top of mind for TrueNorth.

Our solutions are chosen by more Heads of State, Fortune® 50, and VVIP aircraft owners and operators than any other solution. Only TrueNorth offers an apps-based system, built on an Ethernet backbone which means upgrades are simplified, downtime is reduced and you can maximize your communications investment.

Our solutions are flying on the most popular aircraft types including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Dassault, Gulfstream and Sikorsky.

We understand that you need to fly, connect and succeed. These are core values we deliver to you.

Fly. Business aviation gives you what commercial air travel can't including access communities with little or no airline service; the ability to reach multiple destinations quickly and efficiently; the power to support the travel needs of different types of employees; the ability to maintain schedule flexibility and predictability, with budget flexibility; the capacity to increase employee productivity and security; and a means to enhance shareholder return.

Source: "Why Companies Utilize Business Aviation"

Connect. The value of in-flight communications is immeasurable. And our solutions are simply more effective for bringing your life on the ground with you when you fly. Whether you choose to make a call, send an email or surf the web, on your own smartphone, a Stylus handset, or another personal device, you'll be able to connect faster and do what you want with greater convenience.

Succeed. TrueNorth's systems help you more successfully manage your business and personal schedules, your entertainment, your ability to pursue new opportunities and all the other things that you want to do. And doing this helps you be more productive, and in control. Your success is a big part of TrueNorth's success.