connected.aero is a suite of applications designed to improve inflight connectivity, elevate performance and supercharge the user experience. It’s satellite connectivity reimagined.

Many factors affect connectivity performance, especially inflight. On the ground it’s less of an issue than in the air, but devices Inadvertently updating in the background, incidental content loading, the new extra large size of web-pages can consume precious bandwidth and slow things down. This can cause the inflight connectivity experience to be frustrating. The ultimate goal, seamlessly connecting from gate to gate, is the reason we’re developing connected.aero.

How does it work?

connected.aero is a hybrid cloud solution. It applies compression, acceleration, aggregation and bonding capabilities to make your inflight connection experience seamless and more like in the office, at the coffee shop, or at home.

What is hybrid cloud? Using the cloud in combination with TrueNorth’s Optelity family of products, to deliver a completely secure, faster communications experience at 40,000 feet.

Global and subscription based, connected.aero will work with any service provider and is specifically designed for use with Optelity family products. 

Cloud-based: means it’ll always be up to date as applications evolve, and new applications will be added over time. 

Hybrid:  means the Optelity platform is, aviation’s most upgradeable platform, so the avionics you buy today will always keep pace rapidly evolving consumer markets with the relentless march of consumer electronics.

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